'Dark Nature' is a straight-forward thriller based around traditional narrative hooks and suspense. Dark Nature's story revolves around a family holiday gone wrong, as a mother and daughter's trip to an isolated community turns into a nightmare. An eco-thriller, Dark Nature's plotting took inspiration from the zeitgeist of 1970's productions like Deliverance, Long Weekend and Island of the Damned.

Dark Nature is a type of film that audiences really like, but rarely get to see; a straight-up, no-holds barred thriller. A twisting, turning narrative that hooks you in with a shock opening in a classic whodunit style, and never lets up until the final seconds.



'scary Scottish eco thriller...pulls out all the stops... sinister, sparse and enigmatic' - Paul Dale, The List

'Put together with a skill that belies its tiny budget...accomplished...ticks all the right slasher boxes' - Paul Greenwood, Evening Times

'tense, twisted, shocking and very bloody' - Janice Forsyth, BBC Movie Cafe

'bloody gore and dark humour'...'Vanya Eadie and Nial Greig Fulton stand out'...'creating a film that has "cult following" written all over it' - Daily Record